Orb Energy for Housebuilders and Commercial Property Developers

Orb Energy build dedicated, closed loop renewable energy networks for housebuilders & commercial property developers.

Whether you are a housebuilder or commercial property developer, Orb Energy provides the opportunity and capability from which to extract tangible, long term value from renewable energy.




Invest in a closed loop renewable energy network for your development

Access green premiums to recover investment cost

Collect revenues from the lifetime energy usage of the development

Orb Energy for Housebuilders & Commercial Property Developers


  • Boost planning success

  • Utilise redundant land

  • Use renewable energy to increase planning approvals against national and local policy targets



Greater Returns

  • Increase development & brand value through the acquisition of genuine green credentials

  • Access the green premium


  • Deliver regulatory compliance under the Clean Growth Strategy

  • Meet the Future Homes Standard

  • Transfer developments away from the centralised grid system




  • Reap the benefit of the latest green subsidy mechanisms




Customer Demand

  • Meet changing market demand



Access new opportunities

  • Exploit previously uncommercial development opportunities

  • Position for green building tenders


The Solar & Heat Module

Orb Energy's core infrastructure offering is the Solar & Heat Module.

Best of breed PV arrays, combined with default proof micro-inverters deliver energy to a state of the art storage system allowing householders to access energy on demand as if they were connected to the traditional grid.

But crucially they are not tied to the expensive and archaic grid. Rather, they are harnessing renewable technology to deliver power and heat through the deployment of Monocrystalline PV and Ground Source Heat Pumps.

Each site's characteristics drive the size of deployment with future capacity needs simply a scaleable addition away.

Our innovation doesn't stop at deployment
Through our product defining metric
Equivalent Energy Value (EEV) you can put a real world value on the financial benefits of adopting the Solar & Heat Module on your development.

EEV enables you to make strategic choices to the benefit of your business and needs.

The EEV can be a marketing tool offering "free energy for life" but can also deliver a long term recession proof revenue stream.


The Orb Energy Billing Module


As a housebuilder or commercial property developer you can opt to access the Orb Energy Billing Module which acts as a service provider to bill end users on tariffs you set.

As a result the Orb Energy facilitates the delivery of long term revenues where once monetisation would end for each property at key handover.

Equity Value


Such is the certainty of the long term revenues generated by a directly connected closed loop network that the asset itself and its future income stream delivers strong equity value opportunities.


The purchase of 'off the shelf renewable credentials' are proving increasingly attractive acquisitions for businesses needing to fulfil their green compliance obligations.

Profit Opportunity

To find out how much your development and business could benefit use our Project Value Calculator

Spill to the Grid

Housebuilders and commercial property developers also have the option to supply the wider centralised grid rather than the development itself should that prove commercially attractive - whether under the Smart Export Guarantee or through individually negotiated bilateral contracts. A task the Orb Energy can deliver for interested parties.


Options, Options, Options

Further modules can also be added to complement the Solar & Heat module including:

  • EV Charging

  • EV Charging from the solar source

  • Private Water supply

  • Dedicated fibre networks

Going green has never been so attractive.