Orb Energy for Investors

Orb Energy build dedicated, closed loop renewable energy networks for housebuilders, commercial property developers, and property landowners.

Whether they are a housebuilder, commercial property developer or property landowner, through Orb Energy our clients have the opportunity and capability from which to extract tangible, long term value from renewable energy.




Invest in the Environmental, Social & Government (ESG) sector

Extract long term predictable revenue streams from closed networks

Monetise assets in the carbon-offset market

Orb Energy for Investors


  • Invest in projects that generate long term, predictable revenues

Captive Market

  • Invest in tangible infrastructure assets with a ready-made captive market supplied by a closed loop dedicated energy network


  • Invest in projects whose pricing is based on commercial imperatives not market conditions


  • Invest in projects with access to the latest government subsidy regimes


  • Invest in projects benefitting from increasing inward and government investment into green and renewable solutions


  • Invest in projects that create trade-able assets for multiple exit opportunities

The hot market: Environmental, Social & Government (ESG) Funds

Global flows into ESG funds exceeded $178bn in Q1 2021 [1], up from $38bn in Q1 2020 with ESG funds accounting for 24% of all fund in-inflows in 2021 compared to 11% in 2018.

"Like the internet, decarbonisation will lead to structural change in the global economy." [2]

"Investing in clean energy is no longer a niche topic" Jessica Alsford, Head of Global Sustainability Research, Morgan Stanley [3]

“If you can find companies helping to solve environmental problems, that will be a growth market” Bruce Jenkyn Jones, sustainable investment specialist and director at Impax Asset Management [4]


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