Orb Energy launches

Orb Energy, a UK based civil engineering and renewable energy company has launched to provide property developers, landowners and investors with access to dedicated, closed loop renewable energy networks.

Orb Energy’s solution combines the generating power of Solar PV, advances in energy storage and the harnessing of the natural heat contained in the earth to deliver heat and power to housing developments of all shapes and sizes.

Co-Founder James Constant explained:

“The benefits are not only to the wider movement to combat climate change but are commercially attractive making adoption the next logical step for developers, investors and those with suitable land attached to their property”

By providing power and heat from the existing environment Orb Energy’s solution delivers 100% renewable energy and an ability to completely disconnect from the traditional, centralised energy grid.

Constant continued:

“The potential for free energy for property landowners is huge. As is the opportunity for developers to add a new, green revenue stream to their business model”
“Gone are the days of roof mounted solar and nominal payments from the grid. Orb Energy enables its clients to maximise the usage of all the heat, and power, the network generates.”

Deployment not only brings a genuine renewable energy solution to developers but also provides strong benefits in the planning process as well as ensuring regulatory compliance against forthcoming legislation under the UK Government’s Clean Growth Strategy.


“We all know regulatory change is coming, getting ahead of the game not only provides developers with a market USP but enables being first in the queue for the latest round of government subsidies and incentives to adopt renewable technology”

Formed as a collaboration between renowned civil engineering company Holly Box and energy specialists EnergyIndex, Orb has pioneered what it describes as ‘dedicated, closed loop renewable energy networks’ that not only generate heat and power but also strategically focus supply on specific demand centres.

Constant continued:

“Bringing together civil engineering excellence and our unparalleled energy experience, by building our networks for a connected customer base we are taking all the benefits of de-centralised energy - from where our energy traditionally came - and overlaying that with market leading renewable technologies”

Orb Energy provide developers, investors and landowners with an online calculator to demonstrate the potential returns on deployment having developed a unique formula for measuring the value of renewable deployment.

Constant explained:

“The EEV metric [Equivalent Energy Value] is a critical KPI that delivers a tangible value to the energy delivered by deploying the Orb solution. With BEIS’ own data showing a 54% increase in domestic electricity prices over the decade to 2020 and a further 84% increase in standing charge, the time is right to extricate householders themselves from their dependency on a creaking, old technology grid.”

To demonstrate the power of the solution Orb Energy will be shortly opening a dedicated show house on the Wynyard Estate in England’s North East.


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