Project Calculator


EEV or Equivalent Energy Value is the £ value of the energy generated by the project over its lifetime.


The project lifetime is defined as 25 years.

What is included

The size of the project is determined by the Square Footage floor area of the buildings and the number of individual dwellings being built.


This in turn drives the required generation capacity and the ultimate cost of delivering the project.

EEV measures the value of that energy generated against energy prices [1] from 2010 to 2020.

The long term trend of domestic energy prices [1] from 2010 to 2020 has seen energy unit rates increase by 54% whilst standing charges have risen by an astonishing 84%.

Example small development

Taking a typical small development of 10 dwellings each of 1,200 sq ft area, the £220,000 deployment cost would be offset by an EEV and green premium of over £700,000 delivering an estimated return on investment of 3.14x.

Although predicting future energy prices is indeed tricky, the general expectation is that with the requirement for the renewal of the National Grid network, green transformation and the continuing profit motive of traditional energy suppliers an upward trend in domestic energy prices - even above the levels of the previous decade - is highly likely.

[1] BEIS (2021), Average annual domestic electricity bills, BEIS