Orb Energy for Property Landowners

Orb Energy build dedicated, closed loop renewable energy networks for property landowners.

Whatever your project you have the opportunity and capability from which to extract tangible, long term value from renewable energy.




Invest in a dedicated, closed loop renewable network

Extract 100% green, clean, renewable energy

Enjoy freedom from rising energy prices and the knowledge that you're doing your bit to tackle climate change

Orb Energy for Property Landowners


  • Source energy from a dedicated 100% renewable energy network

  • Access out of the box sustainability

  • Benefit from off-plan developments with optimised efficiency measures and systems in built


  • Have greater control of the source, supply and demand for heat and energy

  • Freedom from fluctuating prices, standing charges and economy 7 constraints


  • Protect housing value to avoid depreciation of non-sustainable buildings and remedial costs of mandated improvements


  • Reap the benefit of the latest green subsidy mechanisms


  • Feel part of something that is physically and tangibly helping fight climate change

The Solar & Heat Module

Orb Energy's core infrastructure offering is the Solar & Heat Module.

Best of breed PV arrays, combined with default proof micro-inverters deliver energy to a state of the art storage system allowing you to access energy on demand as if they were connected to the traditional grid.

But crucially you are not tied to the expensive and archaic grid. Rather, you are harnessing renewable
technology to deliver power and heat through the deployment of Monocrystalline PV and Ground Source Heat Pumps.

Each site's characteristics drive the size of deployment with future capacity needs simply a scaleable addition away. 

Orb Energy's Solar & Heat Module is a world away from the traditional deployment of solar - gone are the thin film cells atop a creaking roof, in come ground mounted mini-solar farms with ample storage and 1:4 heat generation capacity.

Our innovation doesn't stop at deployment 
Through our product defining metric Equivalent Energy Value (EEV) we can put a real world value on the financial benefits of adopting the Solar & Heat Module.

To find out how much your property could benefit from EEV use our EEV Calculator

The savings don't stop

Reducing carbon emissions to zero, creating a product lifetime source of renewable energy for your home, going green has never been so attractive.


Yet the the savings don't stop there - the average household pays an astonishing £2,875 over the lifetime (25 years) of their energy meter. And in most instances they have two, one for their dirty electricity and one for their dirty gas.

Like the fossil fuel those costs simply disappear.


What's more with energy making up less than 50% of traditional bills it is the huge network renewal that needs to be financed, as do green initiatives to transform the centralised grid to non-fossil fuel sources.

As a result short, medium and long term energy costs are only heading one way.

According to BEIS's own statistics the 10 year growth in electricity prices from 2010 to 2020 was an astonishing 54% whilst standing charge grew by over 84% over the same period.

By creating a dedicated renewable network entirely separate from the grid (or with a flexible connection), consumers can free themselves from energy bills and network infrastructure failure as well as command a future of renewable energy from their own doorstep.

Spill to the Grid

Householders also have the option to supply the grid in return for payment under the Smart Export Guarantee

Options, Options, Options

Further modules can also be added to complement the Solar & Heat module including:

  • EV Charging

  • EV Charging from the solar source

  • Private Water supply

  • Dedicated fibre networks



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