Orb Energy's Solar & Heat Module

Orb Energy build dedicated, closed loop renewable energy networks for housebuilders, commercial property developers, and property landowners.

Whether you are a housebuilder, commercial property developer or property landowner, through Orb Energy our clients have the opportunity and capability from which to extract tangible, long term value from renewable energy.




Invest in renewable technology

Extract 100% clean, renewable energy

Deliver long term value

Orb Energy for Housebuilders & Commercial Property Developers


  • Boost planning success

  • Utilise redundant land

  • Use renewable energy to increase planning approvals against national and local policy targets

Greater Returns

  • Increase development & brand value through the acquisition of genuine green credentials

  • Access the green premium


  • Deliver regulatory compliance under the Clean Growth Strategy

  • Meet the Future Homes Standard

  • Transfer developments away from the centralised grid system


  • Reap the benefit of the latest green subsidy mechanisms

Customer Demand

  • Meet changing market demand

Access new opportunities

  • Exploit previously uncommercial development opportunities

  • Position for green building tenders

Orb for Property Landowners


  • Source energy from a dedicated 100% renewable energy network

  • Access out of the box sustainability

  • Benefit from off-plan developments with optimised efficiency measures and systems in built


  • Have greater control of the source, supply and demand for heat and energy

  • Freedom from fluctuating prices, standing charges and economy 7 constraints


  • Protect housing value to avoid depreciation of non-sustainable buildings and remedial costs of mandated improvements


  • Reap the benefit of the latest green subsidy mechanisms


  • Feel part of something that is physically and tangibly helping fight climate change